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MpcBlogSpot/The Uproar In The Poker World

By KC Lee

Well during this Pandemic it's no secret that all industries have been suffering as discussed in the past blog. The issue at hand in the poker world is the fact that All casinos and event halls are closed so, Poker Tours are shut down also right? Wrong!

The W.S.O.P(World Series Of Poker) is having a online poker championship awarding 18 ring events with Millions up for grabs!

Schedule- 2020 Online WSOP Schedule 

Online Poker Session

Kc Lee during a Online Poker session.


This would be a great way to make up for not being able to travel to the Championship in Las Vegas this summer however, only 3 of the 50 states in the U.S.A allow online poker (Cali, New Jersey, Nevada) since the Black Friday. The only hope for Pro, Semi-Pro, and Poker players as a whole to participate is to get with the PPA (Poker Players Alliance) and they will put you in touch with your State's governor to sign the petition already started in most states.

For those who may not know Black Friday was the fall  of the online poker industry, when the guy called Boy Wonder, who set it all up, got snitched on and accused of stealing $100 Million, by the people who paid him to do it and then he Snitched as well and won that telling battle cause he was released hours early and indictments shortly after stung his accusers and the whole online Poker, world most especially the United States. (To read the original Black Friday bust view link below )

Meet Boy Genius That Took Down The Poker Industry 

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