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By KC Lee

Recovering from Covid-19


The Music, Comedy, and Poker industries have really taken a hard hit from this Pandemic. With all three having events that regularly range in the thousands, not being able to attend these events have affected several professionals in these fields. According to Poker News.com and the P.N.Blog,  the W.S.O.P , still hasn’t made an announcement or decided what will come of this years International Championship. Poker experts are predicting that touring could pick back up in the Fall however, nothing is Final or has been officially announced from the W.S.O.P. This is hitting American players the most being that since the Black Friday online Poker indictments in April 2010 only New Jersey, Nevada, and California have been the only states to amend and  allow online poker.


The Comedy and Music Industries are all adapting and using social media as a form of self -promotion for their fanbase. Comedians have been interacting with fans more and are making more online viral videos. Musicians have been challenging their colleagues and doing different activities with their fans to show support during this Pandemic. With things opening back up with limitations , I will stay updated on this because I am anxious to start working on a strategy myself for my company and team. I will keep you updated on any info I can find. Live Nation announced it would start concerts in 2021 and they will be announcing new strategies and restrictions to their events. Thanks for your time

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