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Livio Harris MeetNGreet Recap

By KC Lee

Habitual Hustla Entertainment & The KC Daquiri Shop present the Industry Meet & Greet for Kansas City's own , "Mr. All White"  himself Livio Harris with, Kevin Seals, Deandre Wiseman, and Bishop Young Don!

Was up Blog Gang!!!! We back at it again but "OH BOY" do we have a hell of a recap of the "Music Execs invading Kansas City"!

Livio Harris ( Music Business Extraordinaire ) landed in MCI airport on 6/18/2020, with the intent of meeting with one of the artist on his roster , local R&B sensation "Eli", and also catch up with old Family and Friends in his Hometown. (Moved to Cali 31 years ago) Friday night was a smooth one, we just traveled the city showing Livio what's new and all the Entertainment spots and Studios, Had a few Vodka shots and discussed Habitual Hustla, personal music business and called it a night.

Saturday, Livio was invited to BBQ'S , Studio Sessions , and 2 separate videos for Habitual Hustla Ent. artist "Dre Perez". The Video shoots were a great success and now its time for the  celebration. So we loaded up with several bottles and other party favorites and took to the most historic African American Entertainment District in the midwest and arguably the world (Memphis and Harlem only competitors). About 20min in the Vine District we hear several guns shots that seemed to come from a a handgun so we proceed to relocate two the opposite side of the District. Ten minutes later we hear a Symphony of gun fire and the Crowd disperses and even a car drives up on the sidewalk. The Habitual Hustla Team assist in getting Livio and another Industry Exec to Safety and away from the area. Livio Harris being 56 years old still Displayed Speed and Maneuvering like out own Tyrek "Cheetah" Hill. (Joke)

Vine was the first, but definitely not the last encounter that occurred, following that incident there was a big Brawl in the Westport Entertainment District and Club Baccala all in the same night. Throughout the week I believe the Exec's encountered 4/5 different altercations ,however after each one they showed the Kansas City roots laid still within an  stated "Wow this is wild but , we not scared tho where we going next". So overall they had a good time, visited Studio's , several Clubs , and Bars.

The Industry Meet and Greet was Beautiful. On the Panel was the following ,

Livio Harris -Singer,Producer,Manager,Publisher,A&R Advisor, Film Production Company Vice-President , and much more. Livio has worked with Various Producers in artist for Various reasons. Some of these artist are , Beyonce, Micheal Jackson, Dj Khaled, Dj WhiteShadow (Lady GaGa producer/dj) and a Host of other A-List Celebs.

Kevin Seals- A&R for Sony Music , C.O.O of several time Grammy Award winning "Brian Kennedy" Publishing, Label , and other affairs as well as CEO of SVN7ENT.

DeAndre Wiseman- Successful Producer , CEO of SVN7ENT w/ Kevin Seals

Ernest "Bishop Don Dotta" Dixon- Singer, Songwriter, Artist Developer (Wrote 3 number 1 hits, worked with an ample amount of industry artist including Joe, Tupac, R kelly, Charlie Wilson, and more.

During the event  we had a lot of things discussed from the new wave and how to build your online presence, Why Tiki's Tok is the new Guru and the amount of artist signed or invested in from Tik Tok exposure and Publishing / Licensing / Syncing. Although Livio is the Mentor for Lee Johnson of Habitual Hustla and Lee his Kansas City agent for Hip Hop Artist , Lee still stated he learned a ample amount from he event and there was great feedback given and even meeting set to create a midwest music conference using the likes of Max Gousse, Kevin Liles, LA Reid, Diddy, and more. Stay tuned as we continue to climb and fight to rise on the totem pole. Thank You!







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