KC Lee

Image of KC Lee of Habitual Hustla Entertainment

KC Lee was born in Kansas City, KS, however, at the age of 10 months he moved to Kansas City MO.
He was raised by his father; who struggled with drug addiction and his grandmother on the 6600
block of Askew (the south side of Kansas City). His mother was absent as she also struggled with drug addiction. KC had a troubled childhood which included getting kicked out of several schools and numerous run-ins with police for assault, weapons, drug charges, as well as attention from the Gang Unit for affiliation with Kansas City’s Rolling 40 and 60 Crip gang members. His endured countless arrest which ended with 28 years of his life being spent in and out of jails and prisons.

While incarcerated he obtained his G.E.D., a trade in Master Landscaping /Landscape Construction, General Construction, and he also started a college education in Business Management at Wright Business School. During his prison sentences in 2005; KC started an insomniac type lifestyle where he began writing music and comedy monologues. KC was not new to music; his father was a bass player who traveled with a band performing in different cities. As an adolescent KC took lessons for the saxophone, that didn’t quite work at but peaked his musical interest. At age 16, KC frequented the studio with his god-brother P the Thizz Kidd and Riv Locc whom were part of the hottest local rap group in Kansas City history, Chop it up Clicc. With the exposure given to KC by his god-brother and partner, he saw firsthand the dedication, mobility and craft it took to produce music, which he was also lucky enough to learn how to do himself.

Once released from incarceration in 2010, KC started taking music more seriously when it came to artist development, consistent exposure for himself and those he assisted on projects and mentoring Kansas City’s youth. In 2012, KC started Habitual Hustla Ent. LLC and plans on leaving his mark on the night life and music industry. He attended Full Sail University where he studied Entertainment/Music Business for a year and a half.

In June of 2015, KC entered into the Prince Hall Freemasons Fraternity and quickly advanced to Jr. Warden and became a 32nd Degree Scottish Rite Mason in April 2018. He is now program coordinator for the 2nd Masonic District.

KC is a pillar in his community; he serves them in numerous from his music ties to his organization influences. He took the hardships he endured and made a way to keep the youth of his community from following in his footsteps. With his ties to Prince Hall Freemasons, who represents brotherly love, charity and leadership; he has built homes, organized Prince Hall Americanism and O.E.S. Day, and active in mentoring roles. And with his company, Habitual Hustla Ent., he has made another avenue to help someone else become better than they once were and to pursue another way of taking care of their family while being a part of a family that will dedicate time, man power and their expertise to evolve their creative artistry.