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Introduction of Music Comedy Poker Blog

By KC Lee

Hello World,


Welcome to M.C.P Blog SPOT, here we will discuss the Good Bad and The Ugly of the Music Industry , Comedy industry / jokes/meme's , and Poker industry as well as lessons from LIFE'S experiences, and live updates etc.....

Music has been in my life since I was 5 or 6 years old when  my Father would take him to his band rehearsals to prepare to hit the road to perform with the Cover Band he was apart of. Now being owner of a production and promotion company, past Artist , and Music fanatic I try to keep my ear to the streets of new occurrences throughout the music world.

Live, LAUGH, and  Love! I have always been a fan of Comedy since a kid, I can remember getting in trouble for sneaking in my Grandmas Red Foxx and Richard Prior VHS tapes. Upon a 5 year vacation, I started writing music and comedy ! Stand-up has all ways been on of my form's of peace and enjoyment of Life as a whole. I will definitely premiere some of my written jokes, meme's, , and Hilarious videos old and new as well as Movie (Comedy) reviews.......


Ever wonder how POKER Pro's live and have 6 and 7 figure incomes from poker ? Well this is where you need to be! Being a Five Figured winning Semi-Poker Pro, I will speak on history of poker and things you should know. I will also keep you updated on Wsop (World Series of Poker ), W.P.T (World Poker Tour), and H.P.T (Heartland Poker Tour), and Online tourney news, and winners from SOME of the events most especially the biggest ones whom myself plan to attend.









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