Simply known by his first name, Clarke is an American rapper from Kansas City, Mo (born December 10, 1989). His first taste of success came in 2015 with the song Look Like A Lick. The song gained instant radio play and was also used for several radio commercials. In 2016, he was featured alongside Atlanta rapper Que on the song WorkWork lead to regular daytime radio rotation in over 40 major markets across the country, as well as rotation in the underground DJ circuit. Clarke returned in 2018 with a trio of projects; including Rappers Ain’t Friends, and Nice to Hear from You. After a busy year, Clarke is back in the studio and is looking forward to releasing more music.

Popular Songs:

  • Hatin’ On Me
  • This What I’m About
  • Look Like A Lick *
  • Work ft Que Dwalk *
  • Pop One

(* indicates a song had regular radio rotation in at least 3 markets)



Clarke - Nice To Hear From You

Nice to Hear From You

The Album Nice to Hear From You available on iTunes now!

Clarke - Clarke Vol. 2

Clarke Vol. 2

The EP Clarke Vol. 2 available on iTunes now!

Clarke - Rappers Ain't Friends

Rappers Ain't Friends

The Album Rappers Ain't Friends available on iTunes now!