Eminem Calls Machine Gun Kelly a "C*!ksucker" On Stage – XXL

Eminem Calls Machine Gun Kelly a "C*!ksucker" On Stage – XXL

It looks like Eminem has more words for Machine Gun Kelly. During a Wednesday (Feb. 20) concert stop in Brisbane, Australia, the Detroit rhymer dissed MGK before closing out his set.

As captured in a fan video, Em was wrapping up his show when concertgoers started chanting for him to perform “Killshot,” his MGK diss song, but he declined. “I would but I can’t give that cocksucker any more light,” he told the audience. Em then thanked the crowd for rocking with him and asked that they make noise for themselves “and make nothing for MGK.”

Of course, Eminem’s hostility towards MGK stems from their heated war of words last year. Their feud actually dates as far back as the moment MGK fired a subliminal shot at Em back 2012,  but it came to a head in 2018.

On his August 2018 album Kamikaze Eminem sent shots at MGK on “Not Alike.”  MGK responded with the scathing diss track “Rap Devil“—its title a play on Em’s “Rap God”—and then Eminem replied back with “Killshot.”

After that, the beef between the two rappers kind of settled, but it’s clear that Em doesn’t think too highly of the Cleveland, Ohio rapper.

Check out Eminem dissing Machine Gun Kelly at his Brisbane show below.

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