Cuban Doll and Sukihana Hit the Car Wash in "Drug Dealer" Video – XXL

Cuban Doll and Sukihana Hit the Car Wash in "Drug Dealer" Video – XXL

Cuban Doll and Sukihana link up. Earlier today (June 29), the two dropped of a steaming hot new video for “Drug Dealer,” a visual that finds both rappers turning a car wash into a strip club. 2018 XXL Freshman BlocBoy JB also makes an appearance.

In the video for the song, which is all about Cuban and Suki not wanting anyone but a rugged, kilo-distributing drug dealer to give their love to, the two rappers twerk all over cars as they deliver what feels like a 2018 version of Destiny’s Child’s “Soldier.” You could also compare it to a track like TLC’s “No Scrubs,” except this one obviously carries a slightly different message.

In the song, Cuban makes it clear that the only sexual/romantic attention she wants would come from a d-boy. “I need a rich nigga, six-figures, gotta have triggers/You ain’t got no money then I can’t fuck with ya,” she spits on the upbeat, made-for-strip clubs instrumental. In the video she kicks it with BlocBoy.

For her part, Suki echoes Cuban’s sentiment. “He move kilos, and I’m a hood hoe/And this pussy so fat like a bankroll,” she raps. In the video, she also gets on the operation table to get a butt injection.

“I’ve only been rapping for a year. Before I was rapping I had a following because I used to try to model. It didn’t work out for me, it was moving slow and it wasn’t really paying the bills. Modeling is hard work.”

Watch Cuban Doll’s new video for “Drug Dealer” below.

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