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Masego is Looking for His "Lady Lady" on New Song – XXL

Masego is a Jamaica-born, Virginia-raised multi-instrumentalist, who plays a ton of instruments, including the cello and piano. He’s best known for his work with the saxophone, and his latest song includes plenty of that. The new track is “Lady Lady,” which centers on Masego trying to charm a woman onto his side of things.

While he is skilled with instruments, this song mostly shows off his vocal chops. He sings all the way through, convincingly selling himself as a ladies’ man. The song starts out simply enough: “If I want you, be my lady/I’m gon’ call you lady lady, lady lady.” Masego then takes it a little further, knowing he has to take his chance soon. “If I think you’d be my baby/I’m gon’ shoot my shot and call you lady lady, lady lady,” he croons, in the tone of a seasoned jazz singer.

The chorus is strong, with a touch of humor and realism. “She got me wondering if I/Should make her my baby, lady lady,” he ponders, a situation most people have been through. “Maybe I should say the things I type online/In real life,” is a funny finish, especially in a world where so many people fashion online personas.

Check out “Lady Lady” below.

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