ASAP Ferg's "Harlem Anthem" Video Features 'Uncle Drew' Clips – XXL

ASAP Ferg's "Harlem Anthem" Video Features 'Uncle Drew' Clips – XXL

With the NBA season functionally over, basketball fans have one big thing to look forward to this month: Uncle Drew, an upcoming film starring Kyrie Irving, Shaquille O’Neal and more. The film’s soundtrack features a stacked roster of contemporary rappers, including A$AP Ferg, whose contribution “Harlem Anthem” received a video today (June 7).

The clip opens with images that set the scene: Rucker Park, men playing chess, Dapper Dan, the Malcolm X Boulevard/Lenox Avenue intersection and an A$AP Yams tribute t-shirt. From a rooftop, Ferg spits about dominating the neighborhood’s courts: “Causing ruckus in the Rucker/I’m a beast going straight for the jugular.”

The rest of the video teases footage from the film, including Irving’s character, Uncle Drew, crossing over various challengers who are fooled by his wrinkles and grey hair.

“Harlem Anthem” is the fourth soundtrack cut released by Lionsgate, the film’s distributor, following G-Eazy, Yo Gotti and YBN Nahmir’s “1942,” A$AP Rocky, Gucci Mane and 21 Savage’s “Cocky,” and Tone Stith and 2 Chainz’s “Lightflex.” The album is currently available for pre-order and drops on the same day as the movie, June 15.

You can watch Ferg’s “Harlem Anthem” video and view the Uncle Drew OST tracklist below.

Uncle Drew Film Tracklist

  1. “Harlem Anthem” – A$AP Ferg
  2. “1942” – G-Eazy feat. Yo Gotti and YBN Nahmir
  3. “New Thang” – French Montana & Remy Ma
  4. “Cocky” – A$AP Rocky, Gucci Mane & 21 Savage feat. London On Da Track
  5. “I Can Feel It” – GoldLink feat. H.E.R.
  6. “Light Flex” – Tone Stith feat. 2 Chainz
  7. “Chain Gang” – Leikeli47 feat. Clyde Guevara
  8. “Ballin” – Logic
  9. “Records” – Cousin Stizz
  10. “Stronger” – Dipset
  11. “I Need Your Lovin” – Nao
  12. “Stay” – Khalid
  13. “Us” – Kid Ink feat. Elley Duhé
  14. “What’s the Play” – Wiz Khalifa
  15. “Clap Your Hands” – Grace
  16. “Ridiculous” – Kyrie Irving feat. LunchMoney Lewis

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