Lil Baby Joins Dat Boi Skeet on New Song “Dirty Money”  – XXL

Lil Baby Joins Dat Boi Skeet on New Song “Dirty Money” – XXL

Today (May 30), two weeks removed from dropping off his Harder Than Ever project, Lil Baby pulls up on Dat Boi Skeet’s “Dirty Money,” a speaker-thumping track laced with boasts and front-line street bars.

Naturally, Skeet leads off on the track, flexing just about as hard as he can as he spits over the hard-hitting instrumental.”This money got me looking like a lick/So everything thing, I gotta keep a stick/Fiji water all on my wrist,” he spits on the hook.

From there, Lil Baby tackles the beat with just as many quick-fire brags as Skeet. “These racks getting bigger, my safe on obese/All these niggas be thinking they don’t want no beef/I’m like Curry, when I shoot from the three,” he raps, effortlessly riding the trap beat.

Lil Baby is currently surfing a wave of momentum that’s been building for over half a year now, and it looks like he’s not looking back. Speaking with XXL for The Break, Lil Baby listed off some of his influences.

“I grew up listening to everybody,” said Lil Baby, who recently connected with Drake on a track.  “I like music, I listened to all rappers; people like Jeezy, Yo Gotti, T.I. I just started rapping six months ago. [Quality Control Music co-founder] Coach K has been telling me to rap for years. One of my bros called me and we talked on the phone for like two to three hours and I just said I’m going to take it serious. Before that, I never really thought about rapping. Coach K told me he thinks I should start rapping because of my image, my lifestyle. ‘You got a lifestyle or an image you might as well rap about what’s going on.’ I tried it and it started to move fast so I stuck with it. I’m very humble and things are moving so fast, I don’t even get a chance to ponder on it. Everyday it be something different.”

Check out “Dirty Money” for yourself below.

DatBoiSkeet via SoundCloud

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