Bryson Tiller Dealt With Depression Before 'True to Self' – XXL

Bryson Tiller Dealt With Depression Before 'True to Self' – XXL

Bryson Tiller gets candid. Earlier today (May 7), used his Twitter account to reveal that he’d been battling depression before he recorded his sophomore LP, True to Self.

Responding to a Twitter user who’d who spotlighted tweets criticizing Tiller, the Louisville, Ky.-bred crooner offered up a window into his mind state leading up to the recording of True to Self. The user said fans’ reaction to Tiller’s Trapsoul follow up album made the singer upset, but Tiller makes it clear that he was actually afflicted with depression long before anyone had critiqued his latest project.

“1. i was depressed before i made that album and you can hear it in the music,” Tiller wrote, framing his tweet as a list. “2. statistically, we didn’t do that great because of it.. and 3. depression ended in 2017 and i been workin hard ever since. stay tuned.”

In another interesting note, Tiller also admits True to Self wasn’t his best work. Responding to the Twitter users spotlighted by the fan he responded to, Tiller left any sense of negativity to the side.

When one user said he fell off, Tiller responded casually, saying “it happens” and that he’d figure it out. Within that same tweet, he asks the Twitter user if he makes beats, and seemingly asking the guy for some beats.

See some of Tiller’s Twitter exchanges for yourself below.

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