Michelle Obama Calls Herself The 'Forever First Lady' During College Signing Day Event

Michelle Obama Calls Herself The 'Forever First Lady' During College Signing Day Event

Michelle Obama may not reside in the White House anymore, but that doesn’t stop her from being everyone’s favorite first lady. In fact, she’s the “forever first lady,” according to speech at Temple University during College Signing Day this morning.

The Harvard Law School grad addressed more than 8,000 screaming students from the School District of Philadelphia this morning as she honed in on the importance of education and celebrated higher learning.

Her speech began after she walked out to a non-stop applause that simmered once she began to thank all involved in putting together another College Signing Day event. While there were plenty of companies and big wigs to thank, Mrs. Obama saved her biggest thanks — to the students — for last.

“The fact that everybody in this arena is taking that next, most important step to continuing your education — that is something worth celebrating. It’s more important than the NBA Draft — I’m sorry, but you are the stars. So we decided to make going to college and getting an education as big a deal as getting a contract because this is the investment that no one can take away from you.”

Determined to inspire and motivate the official class of 2022, Obama continued, saying, “We have such high hopes for you. See, I am not one of those doubters. I know that you have everything it takes to succeed. I know you are me, and if I can be standing here as your forever first lady, then you can do anything you put your mind to.”

She then reminded them that the only reason she is able to stand where she is today is because she was once them “way back when.”

Obama went on to inform Temple University’s Liacouras Center that she “was a kid who grew up on the Southside of Chicago [and] went to public schools.” Then told the story of a high school college counselor that told her not to set her sights too high because some the schools she was applying to may have been too hard and out of her reach. This is when she reiterated, “There’s always haters out there telling you what you can’t do.”

She told the students she was most proud of them because “you ignored the haters; you buckled down; you surrounded yourself with positive people and you believed in your ability to do whatever you put your mind to.”

Talk about an educational motivator!

Michelle Obama closed out her speech with endless applause echoing in the background as she turned the show over to Nick Cannon, who emceed the event.

Check out Michelle Obama’s College Signing Day Speech below.

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