Kanye West Inspired to Shave His Head by Emma Gonzalez  – XXL

Kanye West Inspired to Shave His Head by Emma Gonzalez – XXL

Recently, it seems like Kanye West has been looking at the man in the mirror and asking him to make that change, mentally and now physically.

On Saturday night (April 28), the rapper posted a picture of Stoneman Douglas High Schooling shooting survivor and activist Emma Gonzalez along with the caption, “my hero Emma Gonzalez.” Several minutes later, he posted a photo of himself with a newly shaven head. “Inspired by Emma,” he captioned his selfie.

Gonzalez has made a name for herself as an advocate for stricter gun laws after the tragedy that befell her school in February 2018 when a gunman opened fire killing 17 people. She has since co-founded the organization Never Again MSD, a gun control advocacy group and also helped organize the March for Our Lives rally in March, which West attended.

After catching wind of West’s tweet, Gonzalez appeared to respond with a photo of James Shaw Jr., the man who disarmed the gunman during the recent Tennessee Waffle House shooting and helped raise money for the victims. “My hero,” she captioned the pic.

Check out Kanye and Emma’s posts below.

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