T.I. Speaks With Meek Mill Moments After His Prison Release – XXL

T.I. Speaks With Meek Mill Moments After His Prison Release – XXL

Hip-hop fans and artists alike rejoiced today as Meek Mill was released from prison after a harrowing five months on Tues., April 24. T.I. was one of the lucky few to speak to Meek just moments after he left a Philadelphia penitentiary, and he shared a video of their phone conversation.

“Do you remember, nigga, I told you not to take those ten years of probation!” T.I. says while laughing and pacing a bit in what appears to be his kitchen. “I said, I told you to ask them if you can just do two years right quick,” he continued.

It’s hard to decipher what Meek is saying on much of his end of the conversation, but T.I. certainly offers his words of encouragement and his personal experiences with the federal pen.

“To be honest with you man, you really walked that shit down better than I could have,” Tip said. “But I had five and I went back to prison twice, nigga.”

The two then converse a bit about the harsh four-year sentence Meek was given for violating his probation, which T.I. says was likely because he had become such a household name.

In the caption accompanying the video, Tip wrote, “They made you a political prisoner to silence you… you stood tall and stayed SOLID!!! They can’t stop you now lil bro!!!! It’s almost OVER!!! #MeekOTW”

Now that Meek is freed, he said he will be working with his legal team to have his original conviction overturned and in the meantime, he hopes to be able to help other incarcerated minorities who have faced similar legal problems as him.

Check out T.I.’s video below.

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