NBA Commissioner Adam Silver Wants In On Sports Gambling If It Becomes Legal

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver Wants In On Sports Gambling If It Becomes Legal

The NBA is a progressive league, but it can only go as far as its leadership.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver reiterated Friday the league believes it should receive compensation if sports betting becomes legal in the United States.

Silver explained his stance during an appearance on ESPN’s Get Up!

“We’ve joined the fray … and we have a position,” he said. “We think we should be compensated in certain ways for the additional costs we’re going to incur through various integrity measures.”

With the possibility of funneling hundreds of billions of dollars in illegal betting into state-sanctioned sports books, Silver foresees an increase in the cost of doing business for the NBA.

The NBA and Major League Baseball have collaborated on lobbying efforts to state legislatures. Legal Sports Report obtained the leagues’ one-page summary document that carried the headline, “Protecting the integrity of sports in a regulated sports betting market,” emphasizing that leagues “should be compensated for their investments, risks and integrity expenses.” As a result, the leagues are seeking a one percent integrity fee as a royalty.

Sports beating is big business in Las Vegas. If indeed it goes nationwide the amount of money it will generate could be enormous. People gamble behind closed doors all the time.  Silver and the NBA just wants their cut. If executed correctly, this could be a win-win for everyone and a much needed boost to the country’s economy.

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