Topaz Jones Shares New Songs "Cotton Fields" and "For the Better" – XXL

Topaz Jones Shares New Songs "Cotton Fields" and "For the Better" – XXL

After delivering Arcade back in 2016 to critic acclaim, Topaz Jones has made his gradual return to music with a trio of A-Side/B-Side EPs in 2018. The latest tracks, released Thurs., April 5 providing clarity to his past with the funky “Cotton Fields” and the cathartic “For The Better.”

The soulful “Cotton Fields” seems eerily reminiscent of something you’d hear from Outkast during their prime. The guitar-laden tune finds the New Jersey-bred creative in reflection as he remembers his mother forcing him to read Malcolm X growing up over the synth-bass sonic.

“Had my share of problems but my momma would set it straight/Made me read Malcolm X and taught me to meditate/I was in the second grade when they chose to separate/Depressed for a little bit but no it didn’t devastate,” he rhymes.

The B-side track sees more experimentation from the 23-year-old on “For The Better.” It isn’t what fans are accustomed to hearing from the New York-based artist, as he somberly drowns in his romances over the melodic instrumental. The tune comes to a close with a voicemail left by a friend.

“What I gotta do to get you two-stepping/If the mood right who stressing/No pain no gain that’s a new lesson/I’ma shoot my shot until I need a new weapon,” Jones jokingly quips.

Hopefully this is another step in the direction of a project from the “Tropicana” artist. The “Lap Of Luxury” rapper previously delivered “Toothache” and “Zoom” together, followed by “Nectar” and “Pleasure Pain Passion” earlier this year.

Stream “Cotton Fields” and “For The Better” from Topaz Jones below.

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