Funk Flex Argues Travis Scott Stole ASAP Rocky's Swag – XXL

Funk Flex Argues Travis Scott Stole ASAP Rocky's Swag – XXL

Funk Flex is never one to hold back a controversial opinion and today (April 2) took to Twitter to voice his criticisms of Travis Scott. According to the radio host, Travis Scott bit ASAP Rocky’s swag, and that the “Bad Company” rapper would smoke Scott in a rap battle.

“Bunch of rappers stole Asap Rocky’s Swag! Think they slick!” he wrote. “Oh? U want names? First name: Travis Scott !!! Who else y’all think?”

ASAP Rocky appeared to agree with him, tweeting in response “FLVCKO FACT 😎.”

Flex continued to respond to his followers, many of whom agreed with his statement, but others didn’t. When one Twitter user wrote that Travis Scott was a better artist than ASAP Rocky, Flex was quick to shoot him down, this time posting to his Instagram. He claims that he’d put $5,000 on ASAP Rocky to out-rap Travis Scott in a bar-to-bar battle.

He accompanied the post with a lengthy caption, tagging both rappers. “I’m tired of rappers talking from computers!!!! @travisscott YOU WANT THIS BAR FOR BAR SMOKE OR YOU SCARED? My money is on @asaprocky ???? #BarsStillMatter UPDATED! I see nobody wants to bet????”

Check out Funk Flex’s social media posts below.

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