Future Gets Bashed for Promoting Himself in Nipsey Hussle Tribute – XXL

Future Gets Bashed for Promoting Himself in Nipsey Hussle Tribute – XXL

As the outpouring of love and support continue for Lauren London in the wake of Nipsey Hussle’s untimely death continued on yesterday, Future left a comment on Young Scooter’s Instagram tribute to Nip that has made fans very angry.

In Young Scooter’s IG post, he posted an image of an old tweet from Nip, in which he explained why he’s teaching “the game” to his friends so they can succeed in life. In the caption Scooter added in part, “We need more niggas like [Nipsey Hussle]…It’s too much greed and niggas hating on they own people.”

Future chimed in the comments, writing, “Yeah we do need more like us…I been teaching and preaching for a decade also showing and proving what hard work and dedication get u,” along with the hashtag #RIPNip.

While Future Hendrix‘s comments seem innocent enough, many fans took it as the rapper comparing himself to the late rapper. What followed, of course, is the Atlanta rapper getting relentlessly bashed on social media—particularly on Twitter.

“I get what Future was sayin but nah you not in Nipsey lane at all. U a terrible role model and you treat your baby mamas like shit,” tweeted one person. Another user on Twitter wrote, “The fact that future is trying to class himself into the same category as Nipsey in terms of inspiration and mentoring is so funny to me, it just shows that everything you do on this earth is noted. Don’t assume you’re respected just because you’re famous.”

You can read Future’s comments on Young Scooter’s IG tribute and fans’ angry reaction below.

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