LAPD Reportedly Have a Suspect in Nipsey Hussle Murder

LAPD Reportedly Have a Suspect in Nipsey Hussle Murder

The weekend closed with the unfortunate news of Nipsey Hussle being shot and killed in Los Angeles. Less than 24 hours later, the LAPD reportedly have a suspect to the murder.

The New York Daily News reveals they have spoken with a source close to the LAPD homicide detectives, who stated they have a suspect in the shooting and the person is someone who Nipsey knew.

The motive is stated to be a “deal gone wrong” between the two, but unfortunately may be classified as “gang-related” due to the affiliation of Hussle. The report also details the murder does not seem to be an act of a rival gang.

Hussle and Los Angeles Police Commissioner Steve Soboroff were to meet on Monday to discuss violence in the area. That meeting was still to occur to create a plan of action and Soboroff stated the meeting was off the books and had nothing to do with the shooting.

“Nobody knew. I can’t imagine he was walking around town saying he was going to have this meeting. Nobody knew about the meeting,” Soboroff said.

“We’ve been working on the meeting for three months. All I know is that he seemed to have so many great ideas on his mind, and we are very receptive to community policing programs in at-risk areas. He wanted to help under-served youth and adults. It’s just unbelievable.”

The suspect is currently not in custody.

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