Young M.A Calls Kodak Black Weird for Naming Her in NSFW Lyrics – XXL

Young M.A Calls Kodak Black Weird for Naming Her in NSFW Lyrics – XXL

Kodak Black has been stirring the pot in hip-hop recently with some outlandish statements and almost unbelievable stories. On his new track “Pimpin Ain’t Eazy,” the South Florida rapper name-drops Young M.A in NSFW lyrics. Now the Brooklyn rhymer is speaking up about it.

On the new track, Lil Kodak compares himself to a lesbian using the word strap as a metaphor for his firearm and prowess in the bed. Missy Elliott and DeJ Loaf get mentioned on the Charlie Handsome and Nick Mira-produced track, but Kodak has a few lines directed at M.A.”I be pullin’ out straps on these fuck niggas/I go Young M.A. on these dumb bitches/Like a dyke man, you niggas can’t fuck with me,” he rhymes on the chorus. On the second verse he adds, “I’m fuckin’ Young M.A., long as she got a coochie/Say she got the strap and the toolie, say she put the crack in her booty.”

M.A. has been mum on the lines for a few weeks. On Friday night (March 15), she addressed the issue once and for all. While checking in with fans on her Instagram Live feed, someone brought up Kodak’s slight in the comments around the three-minute mark.

“Y’all keep talking about this Kodak situation. Y’all niggas is weird, bro,” she said. “Come on, obviously the nigga is weird, bro. Obliviously, he on some shit, bro.”

Both artists played the Pot of Gold Festival in Arizona on Saturday (March 16). M.A. said she would possibly confront Kodak about the lines then. “I’ll see him tomorrow,” she said. “I’ll holla at him, if I get a chance to see him. Y’all do this internet shit too much, bro. I don’t like the internet shit, bro. I don’t like this internet shit. I deal with my issues in person. Y’all dick eating that shit like a mutherfucker. Chill!”

She added, “If I don’t care about it, why y’all care about it?”

Kodak has been ruffling a lot of feathers recently. Last month, he called out Lil Wayne. Last week, he claimed he punched Onyx rapper Sticky Fingaz and attempted to shoot him during an altercation on his tour bus.

See Young M.A addressing Kodak Black naming her in NSFW lyrics below.

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