Lupe Fiasco: Listening to Michael Jackson Isn't Pedophile Support – XXL

Lupe Fiasco: Listening to Michael Jackson Isn't Pedophile Support – XXL

Lupe Fiasco is not happy with people canceling Michael Jackson in the wake of HBO’s Leaving Neverland documentary, which aired last Sunday (March 3).

On Thursday (March 7), the Chicago native hopped on his Instagram page to defend the late King of Pop – as an artist – but added that just because you listen to MJ that doesn’t mean that you support pedophilia or rape.

“Michael was/is my hero. He’s not my God. Michael was/is larger than life but he was not life itself. Michael represented creative excellence but he was not excellent,” he writes in part. “Michael wowed us with Moonwalks and anti-gravity leans but he wasn’t an alien or some supernatural being. With all this Michael is not necessary and for that matter nobody is necessary.”

“Take the parts that inspire and let them inspire, take the parts that disgust and make sure that we apply the pressure and grace to make sure our heroes never put us in this position again,” he continued. “Championing Michael’s good doesn’t mean you also are championing Michael’s bad.”

“Listening to his songs doesn’t mean you are supporting pedophilia or rape,” he added. “But let’s call him to task, listen to the alleged victims, here all sides and learn the lessons that need to be learned.”

Lupe’s message follows T.I.’s recent IG post in which he denounced what he feels is an attack on MJ’s legacy. In January, Kanye West appeared to have addressed the controversy surrounding the documentary with his statement that it’s okay for people to listen to Michael’s music despite the accusations levied at the singer.

You can read Lupe Fiasco’s Instagram post defending Michael Jackson in its entirety below.

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