Dame Dash Claims to Buy Majority Stake in Ex-Wife's Company – XXL

Dame Dash Claims to Buy Majority Stake in Ex-Wife's Company – XXL

Dame Dash has reportedly bought back the majority interest in ex-wife Rachel Roy‘s clothing company, the Rachel Roy Collection, from its owner, Topson Downs.

Sharing the news on Instagram today (Feb. 25), the hip-hop mogul announced plans to re-launch the line with the two daughters they share, Ava and Tallulah Dash, as the main focus.

“I’m very proud to announce that like a real boss …I’ve bought back the majority Interest in @rachel_Roy from @topsondowns,” Dash wrote on Instagram on Monday morning (Feb. 25). “They didn’t want me announce yet because they wanted Rachel to sign something saying she wouldn’t sue them but that has nothing to do with me…so I’m celebrating cause why would Rachel not want me to buy back the company I invested 6 million of my own money into (like a real boss) only so @ava_dash and @tallulah_dash would have a company to run…so I bought it back and I’m gonna re launch luxury with @ava_dash and @tallulah_dash as the face…we are a real fashion family for years now and we are 100 percent Indy 100 million dollar a year company family owned by a black man…”

Dash went on to call out members of the media and insinuate that they wouldn’t be sharing this story because they’d rather say he’s crazy and broke. He also called out Roy, and told her not to interfere with the move.

“Rachel please don’t mess this deal up and if you do please publicly explain yourself…” Dash added. “Who ever doesn’t write about this is an obvious hater y’all said I was broke the last 10 years but when a black man really buys a company y’all don’t wanna say shit…”

Dash has been in the news a lot as of late, for both positive and negative reasons. More recently the former Roc-A-Fella exec paid off a large debt after finally being paid back the money he’d loaned to Lee Daniels. That same day, he also received a lawsuit for his involvement in the film, Dear Frank.

Check out Dame Dash’s full Instagram post below. Rachel Roy has not yet responded to the news.

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